The Society emphasizes (but is not limited to) the constructive engagement of distinct approaches and resources from different philosophical traditions (whether distinguished culturally or by style/orientation) or from (ancient) philosophical tradition and contemporary scholarship (philosophy or other intellectual pursuits):
Inquire into how they can talk to and learn from each other and make joint contributions to the contemporary development of philosophy through treating a range of (perennial, existing or newly identified) issues of philosophical value and significance that can be jointly concerned and approached via appropriate philosophical interpretation and from a higher and/or broader philosophical vantage point. 

The academic activities organized by the Society are expected to be on topics and contents that can be philosophically interesting to its general membership and in view of the CPWP mission and emphasis, instead of being only locally interesting to ones working merely in one tradition or merely on historical/descriptive topics.

Each term of the Executive Board is to organize one term of the Society’s “Comparative Philosophy toward World Philosophy” conference series.

In the Spring 2022 (tentatively, 22-23 April 2022), the CPWP together with the journal Comparative Philosophy and the SJSU Center for Comparative Philosophy will co-sponsor an international conference on the theme “Comparative Philosophy toward World Philosophy” [as the 1st term of its “Comparative Philosophy toward World Philosophy” conference series], via effective Zoom channel (in this way, without involving expenses for international/domestic travel and visa application) on a range of joint-concerned issues in various major areas of philosophy.  For the current (2021-8-10) version of its "Call for Participations as Speakers/Discussants/Critics" document, please click here.

The Society is also to coordinate its “Comparative Philosophy Forum” workshop series on some specific subject(s) in a flexible way.