The leadership of the Society is jointly assumed by the Consultancy Board and the Executive Board (“the Joint Leadership” for short) in view of the Society’s cross-tradition-philosophical-engagement mission, its characteristic features, and its membership’s diverse constitution, and for the sake of the Society’s healthy stability and its capacity in treating emergency situations.

The Executive Board

(1 July 2021 - 30 June 2024)

MOU, Bo (
牟博) / President (San Jose State University, USA) 
KAHTERAN, Nevad / Vice President
(University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina) 
SCHILTZ, Elizabeth / Secretary-Treasurer 
(College of Wooster, USA) 

The Consultancy Board

In memory of ZHANG Xianglong (1949-2022)
CPWP Co-Founder & Coordinator of Consultancy Board

Roger Ames  (University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA / Peking University, China) 
Mohammad Azadpur (San Francisco State University, USA) 
Purushottama Bilimoria (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Soraj Hongladarom (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Joseph Kaipayil (Jeevalaya Institute of Philosophy, India)
Ernest Lepore (Rutgers University, USA)
A. P. Martinich (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Bo Mou (San Jose State University, USA)
Robert Neville (Boston University, USA)
Carlos Pereda (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico)
Graham Priest (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Jana Rošker (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Georg Stenger (University of Vienna, Austria)
Sor-hoon Tan (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
Manuel Vargas (University of California at San Diego, USA) 
Mary Wiseman (City University of New York, USA)
Byeong-uk Yi (University of Toronto, Canada)